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PostSubject: Outlines   Thu 27 Jul - 10:03

Aahhh... I know we don't have a lot of GMs in Rushu, that's why we don't have a lot of Event... but we must admit that rushians are not really interested by Role Play like French people.

We got some bworks invading in Astrub but all high level eradicated them, so it wasn't a really good idea... though, put mama bwork in astrub, the low level town, wasn't really smart.

I can understand that because french have more links with developpers. So, for the moment, we must manage events by ourselves, and without power, it's pretty hard (yeah, GMs can spawn a mob if they want, damn them... who said 8 dragon pig mobs ? >_>).

So, if u have any idea about an event to organize, put it here Very Happy.

By the way, an event can be just a wedding or a party, not necessary a hunt.

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