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 Guides For Sacrier

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PostSubject: Guides For Sacrier   Thu 27 Jul - 8:47

This is a topic to post help to leveling Sacriers, and discuss about their advantages and their disadvantages.

Try to be constructive and objective.

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PostSubject: Re: Guides For Sacrier   Fri 6 Oct - 19:53

Sacrier silent

Well first you should pick your primary element, strength or agility. As first points will go to either foot or assault for your standard attack.

Next you probably want to boost either forced or nimble punish to go with your standard attack.

These spells are must whichever root you take.

Attract level 5 (especially early priority if str)
Punishment level 5
Cooperation level 5
Sacrifice level 5

Now thats 60 spell points that is good basic. Without these spells sooner or later you will be feeling the lack of them, as they are essential in team play.

Weapon skill level 5
Sword or daggers are best as highest damage, personally I like sword. Bows are nice also, but its mainly an alternative option.

Other good spells
Wise Punish level 5
Dancing sword level 5
Transpose (not sure worth maxing)

After all that you can look at survival spells and level 6 spells, and a few other spells.

Survival spells are nice especially combined with level 5 sac, although not everyone cares for them.
Evasion, coagulation, bloodthirsty madness.

Good level 6 spells are weapon skill and attract and maybe foot or assault.

And a few other spells I use or could use.
Moon hammer level 5
Life transfer level 2
Leek pie
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Guides For Sacrier
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