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 Perceptor Rules

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PostSubject: Perceptor Rules   Sun 4 Jun - 16:27

It seems i must clarify some things about perceptors because we had some problems with that.

Who can place a Collector ?
Defender, Keeper, Officer, Treasurer and Leader.

Why place a Collector ?
Because you need one or two items dropped by monster of the map.
Don't place a Collector to hope get a rare drop, or ask to your officers, treasurers or leader before.

Who can recolt a Collector ?

Who keeps the recolt ?
The guy who recolt it, except for the item whose the guildie, who put the Collector, needs.

Who defends Collector ?
You must defend when you can. If the fight seems to hard for you check first who go in the fight to defend it. Let the place to the higher level first, then when the time is almost out, join if you want.

Who is the owner of the Collector ?
The guild and only the guild.
Why is it not the guildie who place it? Because we can place only 4 Collectors at the moment. So if one Collector is for only one guy, it's 25% of guild's power for only one guildie. It's just unfair for all guildies who defend it and spend their time to raise the guild.

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Perceptor Rules
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