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 How works Forgemage !

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PostSubject: How works Forgemage !   Thu 1 Jun - 8:35

Most of people doesn't know how works the forgemages jobs, that's why i create this topic.

A Forgemage can upgrade your weapons by two differents ways. In adding stats on your weapon with runes, or in changing element damage of your weapon with forgemagic potions made with metarias.

A Forgemage needs the weapon + the rune or the potion for the craft, nothing else.

1 - Success Rate.
At level 100, a forgemage has 94% chance to succeed a craft, but this % is a base.
This base is reduced by stats on the weapon (bonus and malus reduce this %), level of the weapon (not sure about that), and power of the rune or potion.

I don't know how is calculated the final success rate for a weapon, but i know that : Some stats reduce more than other.
+1 AP reduce more than +1 int but less than +1 range.

Unfortunately, i can't give u the exact effect of each stats Crying or Very sad that's why i created a topic where i put my success and fail to try to determinate some %.

If craft fail, like all jobs, ressources are destroyed (that means weapon + rune or potion).

If you want add two runes on your weapon, 2 crafts are necessary (so it's harder to success the second craft).

2 - Runes.

The Forgemage needs runes to add stats on your item.

2.1. List of Runes.
There is 6 different runes :
Rune Age : adds Agility
Rune Cha : adds Chance
Rune Fo : adds Strength
Rune Ine : adds Intelligence
Rune Sa : adds Wisdom
Rune Vi : adds Vitality

It seems it exists 2 other runes :
Rune Ga Pa : adds +1 AP
Rune Ga Pme : adds +1 MP

2.2. Degree of power of runes.
There is 3 degrees of power for each runes :
Runes (Common runes) : add 1 to 2 to the associated stat
Runes Pa (Uncommun runes) : add 3 to 4 to the associated stat
Runes Ra (Rare runes) : add 5 to 10 to the associated stat

For example :
Rune Age adds +1 to 2 Agility
Rune Pa Age adds +3 to 4 Agility
Rune Ra Age adds +5 to 10 Agility

2.3. Get a Rune.
There is two way to get runes.
You can get them by drop, or u can get them by craft.

Any runes can be dropped by any monster. I think they have generally 300 pp lock.

Runes Pa and Runes Ra can be crafted at -5 -12 in using the crusher (anybody can make that with 100% chance to success).

Rune Pa : 10 Runes
Rune Ra : 10 Runes Pa

3 - Forgemagic Potions & Metaria.

The forgemage needs forgemagic potions to change elementary damage of weapon, but alchemist needs metarias to make these potions.

The weapon must be "neutral damage" to be changed (a weapon already fire damage can't be changed in water damage weapon).

3.1. List of metarias.

There is 4 differents metaria :
Blue Metaria : Water element
Green Metaria : Air element
Red Metaria : Fire Element
Yellow Metaria : Earth element

3.2. Degree of Power of metaria.

There is 3 degrees of power for each Metarias :
Metaria (Common Metaria) : used to make weak potion of associated element.
Triam Metaria (Uncommon Metaria) : used to make medium potion of associated element.
Mage Metaria (Rare Metaria) : used to make powerfull potion of associated element.

3.3. Get a Metaria.

All metaria can be get by drop or by craft, but mage metaria are really rare and it's easier to make them by craft.

Metaria can be made at -5 -12 in using crusher.

Reciepes: (sphere for metaria can be bought to npc at -5 -12).
Metaria : 1 kwak beak + 4 kwak feather + 1 sphere for metaria.
(ice kwak for blue metaria, fire kwak for red metaria, wind kwak for green metaria, earth kwak for yellow metaria)

Triam Metaria : 1 Scaraleaf wings + 4 Scaraleaf antennas + 1 sphere for metaria.
(blue scara for blue metaria, green scara for green metaraia, white scara for yellow metaria, red scara for red metaria)

Mage Metaria : 1 dreggon egg + 4 dreggon shell + 1 sphere for metaria.
(black dreggon for red metaria, sapphire dreggon for blue metaria, white dreggon for yellow metaria, golden dreggon for green metaria)

3.4. Get a Forgemagic Potion.

Only one way to get these potions, call an alchemist.
Alchemist needs 5 identical metaria + 1 flask for element to make a potion.

Potion made with metaria : weak potion of associated element.
Potion made with Triam metaria : medium potion of associated element.
Potion made with Mage metaria : powrefull potion of associated element.

3.5. Craft with Forgemagic Potion.

When a Forgemage craft a weapon to change his elementary damage, base damage of the weapon is reduced.
There is a difference between the 3 sorts of potion (weak, medium, powerfull).

Weak potion : changes the damage in associated element but reduces damage of the weapon by 50%.
Medium potion : changes the damage in associated element but reduces damage of the weapon by 35%.
Powerfull potion : changes the damage in associated element but reduces damage of the weapon by 20%.

For example :
Take a Kryst o'boul : damage 16-20 neutral
crafted with Spark Potion (weak fire potion) : damage 8-10 fire
crafted with Blazing Fire Potion (medium fire potion) : damage 10-13 fire
crafted with Fire Potion (powerfull fire potion) : damage 13-16 fire

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How works Forgemage !
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