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 Patch 1.15.3 ... for people who don't read official site.

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PostSubject: Patch 1.15.3 ... for people who don't read official site.   Mon 23 Oct - 4:35

A new update will be available on the 24th of October 2006.

The client 1.15.3 will bring up 5 new dungeons for low and average levels players.
You'll discover the Scaraleaf dungeon, the Tofus dungeon, The Canidae dungeon, the Bworks dungeon (different from the Bworker dungeon!), and the Mush dungeon!
New sets will be available at the end of these dungeons.

New subscribers will get new pets called "The Soul Eaters". Players will be able to choose whether they want one of the current pets or one of the new ones. These new pets work differently. Indeed, they will count the number of monsters (of one type only) that you'll have killed on your own. They will earn similar bonuses to the one given to the current pets. It will take you longer to make them evolve, but they won't need to be fed on a regular basis.

New modifications brought by this update :
Monsters :

* Increasing of experience given by Blue Larvas.
* Blue larvas can't take more than 1 AP each turn and 2 AP on critical hit.
* Orange larvas can't take more than 1 AP each turn and 2 AP on critical hit.
* Green larvas can't take more than 1 AP each turn and 2 AP on critical hit.
* AI of monsters, and class summonings, permit them to unsummon skills, armor and weakness spells, healing spells (like regeneration), and damage bonus spells.
* Treechnids from lvl 41 to 49 are renamed "Venerable Treechnids".
* The Reapalak can sometimes attack his allies to transform them in ghosts.

Spells :

* Hit points of the summoning "Master Pandawa" are inrceased.
* MP of the summoning "Master Pandawa" are increased.
* The spell "Unlucky Bamboo" of the "Master Pandawa" lasts 2 turns and not 1 anymore.
* Critical failure rate of the Cra spell "Eye of Mole" passes from 1/35 to 1/50 at level 6.
* The spell "Terrifying Shout" of the summoning "Red Wyrm" of Osamodas is not an area spell anymore, but can be cast on ally and has range 3 and not 2 anymore.

Sellrooms :

* Metarias can be sold and bought in Alchemist sellroom in Bonta, Brakmar and Astrub.


* Rigroulak The Master Koalak has been moved on another map of primitive cemetary.

Mounts :

* Mounts' cry is not played anymore when a player comes in a paddock map.
* Wild and non-wild's mounts can give birth to other mounts.

Items :

* Recall potion can't be bought to NPC anymore, only alchemist can make them.
* Ghetto Raid potions can't be bought to NPC anymore, only alchemist can make them.
* City potions of Bonta and Brakmar can be used by neutral players.
* Rod Gerse staff passes from 3 to 4 AP, its critical hit rate passes from 1/40 to 1/30, its critical failure rate passes from 1/50 to 1/100, its critical hit bonus passes from 5 to 7.

Client :

* Give the rank "on approval" doesn't give the right "Leader"
* pods gauge doesn't show "undefined" anymore.
* pods gauge in bank and chests is operational again.
* Players who mount dragoturkey can pass in "creature mode" when there is too many players on the map.
* Spells interface has been improved.
* tiredness gauge is printed in mount's interface.
* You can, in using the magnifying glass which is on item icone, know its reciepe, and all reciepes where this item is used. This new interface can be used in all interfaces which show items (inventory, bank, chest, merchant mode, sellroom, etc...).
* A new system of Zoom using the scrolling button of your mouse, or a graduate bar printed on the screen, has been integrated in characters menu.

Quests :

* The Chafer Archers of Brakmar quest doesn't make enter a player in a paddock.

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Patch 1.15.3 ... for people who don't read official site.
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