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 Guild Paddocks

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PostSubject: Guild Paddocks   Fri 6 Oct - 9:04

Here is our 1st Guild paddock bought today.

It's in Bonta, at (-37; -51). (Pet's sellroom is the closest zaapi)

Capacity of this paddock is 5 mounts, and 5 machines to breed them.

We are already thinking to buy another paddock really quickly since guild is soon lvl 20. That could be exactly the same capacity.

First, I thought it was nice to have a paddock in neutral area, one in Bonta and one in Brakmar. But I'm actually thinking to have 2 paddocks in Bonta.

let me explain you why.

A mount, to have good stats, must be breeded with all differents machines because a good mount is a mount with balanced stats (wrote in the book :"how breed mounts").
But, there is minimum 6 differents machines which breed mounts so it's more efficient to buy all paddocks at the same place. Like that, the breeder don't have to move the mounts too far.

But it's not decided anyway. we can have a breeder in bonta and one in brakmar.

Second thing.
I ask to the whole guild to raise its level. SeKs must be level 30 before the next update when new paddocks will come. We must buy a good neutral paddock as soon as possible.

Ellyos Feca 15x - Leader of SeKs
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Paddocks   Sat 7 Oct - 15:29

yes yes yes
(mura & del stop hanging around all day in ranch -_- , you are obsessed)

For The Horde
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Paddocks   Sun 8 Oct - 21:58

Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

*raise up my hand*
Si mi shi paddock?? (what's paddock?)
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Recruiting officer

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Paddocks   Wed 18 Oct - 10:48

to lock up pets >>> mounts i suppose ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Paddocks   

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Guild Paddocks
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