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 I just lef Dofus for good...

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PostSubject: I just lef Dofus for good...   Tue 5 Sep - 12:32

Something happened in my life that won't let me be kid anymore. I have lot to do, will have even more to do in near future... I was asked to mary my old boyfriend who wasn't in country for years now. I will take some courses in few next months and probably leave Poland to settle in London. I don't really know if it will work, so wish me luck. I still love computer gaming, but now there is even less time for it, and I need any money I can save. Will try to log in on forum to check guild progress and such...

Ellyos got password to my 2 accounts, I decided SeKs should get all i earned in game. You are best guild I've met. Accounts are "tshyshi" - with my level 95 Cra and most of stuff. There are also some items i took from pohlka character. His bwak is now 80 stats! I have also shitloads of various resources. Account is p2p for one month more. Other account is "tshy-evil" with Enutrof scrolled to 81 chance. It's equipped in prespic set for leveling and ownage;) I missed just few boo tails to finish it. It will be really woth playing (millions of kamas already invested), someone should claim it and pay for it.

Ellyos should manage items and divide it among people who really need them, especially for our Croatian dudes;)

Good luck and greetings to all SeKsy people!
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PostSubject: Re: I just lef Dofus for good...   Tue 5 Sep - 13:10

Good luck to you Tshy and take care!!! Don't worry for your items ... I'll keep all of them for me muhahaha...

well pohlka items already equipped hazelnut Razz

I'll give feudala belt to bottime Smile
I'll give tailor ressources to spacecom.
I'll keep items i need to carve my staffs Razz and I'll keep Gelano too.

Items for Scroll will be spread between people i choose. I won't keep them for me anyway.

I think i'll keep ur money to buy a house.

Ellyos Feca 15x - Leader of SeKs
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PostSubject: Re: I just lef Dofus for good...   Wed 6 Sep - 8:12

thank you tshy for those items,i'll give ELL boo tails becouse i lvl lot on boos so Ell can continiue ur scrolling on enu,c ya and good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: I just lef Dofus for good...   

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I just lef Dofus for good...
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