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 Prospecting Lock - Ressources

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PostSubject: Prospecting Lock - Ressources   Tue 16 May - 17:34

I'm gonna try to put here all prospecting lock of ressources ! Feel free to help me in this hard task Very Happy

Sorted out in alphabetical order.

Golden Parchment
Ivory parchment
Panic Wind (Fart emote)
Scroll of Spells
Spell "Leek Pie"
Spell "Release" 200
Spell "Striking"
Weapon Skill 100
White parchment

Dungeon Key
Blacksmiths Dungeon Key
Bulb Cave Key
Bwork Dungeon Key
Firefoux dungeon key
Gobball Dungeon Key
Kitsou dungeon key
Pandikaze key
Skeletons dungeon key

Black Gobbly Leather 100
Black Leather 300
Boar Leather 100
Bwork Archer Brief 150
Bwork Purple Leather
Chafer Lancer Leather Brief
Dragon Pig Leather
Gobball Leather 100
Gobbal Warchief Leather 100
Leather Saddle
Lousy Pig Brief
Lousy Pig Leather 100
Minotoror Leather
Piglet Brief
Piglet Leather 100
Plain Boar Leather 100
Royal Gobball Leather
Vampire Leather Briefs
White Gobball Leather 100

Bear Fabric
Blood Tissu
Boar Fabric
Boowolf Fabric
Crimson Fabric 400
Dark Tissue 800
Flax Fibre 100
Hemp Fibre 400
Invisible Fabric 300
Kanigrou Fabric
Leopardo Ghost Fabric 300
Maho Firefoux Fabric
Maho Firefoux Ghost Fabric 300
Moowolf Fabric
Pandikaze Ghost Fabric 300
Pandikaze Material
Pandora Fabric
Pandora Ghost Fabric 300
Pandulum Fabric
Pandulum Ghost Fabric 300
Plain Boar Fabric
Prespic Fabric
Soryo Firefoux Fabric
Soryo Firefoux Ghost Fabric 300
Tanukou San Ghost Fabric 300
Wabbit Fabric
Whitish Lupis Fabric 300
Yokai Firefoux Ghost Fabric 300
Yokai Firefoux Fabric

Black Gobbly Wool 100
Furious Trool Wool
Gobball Wool 100
King Gobball Wool
Minotoror Wool 600
The Gobball Warchief Wool 100
White Gobball Wool 100

Boowolf Tail 200
Dragon Pig Tail
Dragoturkey Tail
Gobball Warchief Tail
Kolerat Tail 100
Minotoror Tail
Plain Boar Tail
Prespic Tail 400
Scurvion Tail 100
White Bushy Tail
Whitish Lupis Tail 100
Wild Dragoturkey Tail

Agathe's Stone 100 (200 on Yokai Firefoux)
Air Pandawushu Artifact 100
Amber 100 (200 on Treechnid)
Ancestral Amber 800
Aquamarine Stone 100 (200 on Maho Firefoux)
Bambooto Amber 200
Crackler's heart
Crackler's Stone 100
Crystaloboule Stone
Crystal 400 on Momie Nova
Crystal Stone 100
Dark Treechnid Amber (100 on Dark Chest)
Diamond Stone 100
Dopple Stone
Earth Pandawushu Artifact 100
Emerald 400 on Momie Nova
Emerald Stone 100 (200 on Dark Treechnee)
Fire Pandawushu Artifact 100
Flint 100 (300 on Ambusher)
Guildalogem 100
Holy Bambooto Amber 200
Megacrackler Megastone
Pointed Stone Fragment
Polished Stone Fragment
Ruby 400 on Momie Nova
Ruby Stone 100
Sapphire 400 on Momie Nova
Sapphire Stone 100
Soft Oak Amber
Strange Ore
The Claw Jigsaw Piece 400
Topaz Stone 100 (200 on Soryo Firefoux)
Treechnid Amber 400 (100 on Ancestral Treechnid)
Water Pandawushu Artifact 100

Bear Bone
Bear Tooth
Boar Tusk 100
Bone of the Leopardo Ghost 300
Bone of the Maho Firefoux Ghost 300
Bone of the Pandikaze Ghost 300
Bone of the Pandora Ghost 300
Bone of the Pandulum Ghost 300
Bone of the Soryo Firefoux Ghost 300
Bone of the Tanukou San Ghost 300
Bone of the Yokai Firefoux Ghost 300
Boowolf Canine 100
Chafer Archer Thighbone
Chafer Bone 100
Chafer Skull 100
Chief Crocodyl Skull
Crackler Golden Tooth
Crocodyl Bone
Crocodyl Teeth 100
Crocodyl Chief's Teeth
Dragon Pig Horn
Dragon Pig Skull
Dragoturkey Tooth 100
Evil Tofu Tooth 100
Fragment of Bone 200
Gobball Horn 100
Gobball Warchief Horn
Gobball Warchief Tooth
Invisible Chafer Bone 100
Ivory 400
Kanigrou Nail 100
Karne Rider Nail 100
Karne Tooth 120
Lousy Pig Chop
Lousy Pig Denture
Magic Rat Snake Tooth
Markschafer Denture
Minotoror Burnt Horn 100
Moowolf Teeth 600
Plain Boar Tusk
Plissken Tooth 300
Pointed Tooth 800
Rat Fang 100
Rib Jaw 400
Ribs Chop 100
Spine 600
Surprising Bone of the Chafer Foot Soldier
Wabbit Tooth 100
Yellow Fang 400

Crow Feather 100
Earth Kwak Feather 100
Evil Tofu Feather 200
Fire Kwak Feather 100
Ice Kwak Feather 100
Last Cheeken Feather
Little Birdy feather (any color) 100
Lord Crow Feather 800
Royal Tofu Feather 800
Tofu Feather 100
Wind Kwak Feather 100
Wind Kwak Pointed Feather

Bear Hairs
Black Tiwabbit Hairs 100
Boar Hair 100
Boowolf Fur 100
Darits Hair
Hairs of Kitsou Nae 100
Hairs of Kitsou Nakwa 100
Hairs of Kitsou Nere 100
Kanigrou Hair 100
Kitsou Nufeu Hairs 100
Leopardo Hairs 100
Magus bwork Beard Hairs 100
Maho Firefoux Hairs 100
Miliboowolf Hairs 100
Minotoror Hairs 100
Moon's Hairs 200
Moowolf hairs 100
Mouse's Hairs 100
Ouginak Hair 100
Pandikaze Hairs 100
Pandora's Hairs 100
Pandula's Hairs 100
Plain Boar's Hair 100
Soryo Firefoux Hairs 100
Tanukou San Hairs 100
Wabbit Grandpa Beard Hairs 100
Wabbit Grandpa Hairs 100
Wabbit Hair 100
White Fur 100
Wo Wabbit Hairs 100
Yokai Firefoux Hairs 100

Bear Skin
Blue Larva Skin 100
Chief Crocodyl's Scale 100
Chief Crocodyl Skin
Crocodyl Scale 100
Crocodyl Skin
Glukoko Skin
Goblin Skin
Gras Snake Skin 100
Green Larva Magic Skin
Green Larva Skin 100
Kaniger Skin 200
Kitsou Nae Skin 200
Kitsou Nakwa's Skin 200
Kitsou Nere's Skin 200
Kitsou Nufeu's Skin 200
Leopardo Skin 100
Maho Firefoux Skin 100
Orange Larva Skin 100
Pandikaze Skin 100
Pandora Skin 100
Pandulum Skin 100
Plisskenskin 100
Soryo Firefoux Skin 100
Tanukou San Skin 100
Yokai Firefoux Skin 100

Rune and Metaria
Metaria Triam
Metaria Mage
Rune Vi, Cha, Ine, Fo, Sa, Age
Rune Pa Vi, Pa Cha, Pa Ine, Pa Fo, Pa Sa, Pa Age
Rune Ra Vi, Ra Cha, Ra Ine, Ra Fo, Ra Sa, Ra Age

Ambusher Bark
Ambusher Bud 200
Ambusher Root
Bamboo(to) Wood 300
Bewitched Wood 800
Bulbamboo Root 100
Bulbiflor Magic Bark 400
Bulbiflor Root 100
Bulbig Magic Bark 400
Bulbig Root 100
Bulbush Magic Bark 400
Bulbush Root 100
Dark Treechnid Bark 400
Dark Treechnid Bud 100
Dark Treechnid Root 600
Ebony Wood 100
Golden Bamboo 100
Holy Bamboo(to) Wood 100
Kokonut Palm Trunk 100
Liroye Merline's Bark
Magical Bamboo 300
Magic Bamboo(to) Root
Magical Bulbamboo Bark 400
Magic Holy Bamboo(to) Root
Soft Oak Bark
Soft Oak Bud
Soft Oak Root
Soft Oak Wood
Treechnid Bark 400 (100 on Ancestral Treechnid)
Treechnid Bud 100
Treechnid Root 200 (100 on Ancestral Treechnid)
Trunknid Brows
Trunknid Wood 100

Cereal, Plants, Vegetables, Flower, Seed
Euphoric Hemp 200
Golden Wheat
Magic Oats

Ambusher Leaf 100
Bamboo(to) Leaf 100
Bulbamboo Shoot 100
Bulbush Leaf 100
Evil Dandelion Stem 100
Evil Dandelion Tongue 100
Five-leaf Clover 120
Holy Bamboo(to) Leaf 100
Kokoko Leaf
Leaf of trunknid 100
Wild Gras
Wild Mint Leaf 300
Wild Sunflower Leaf

Cawwot 100

Blop Flower (any)
Blop Petal 400
Bulbiflor Flower 100
Evil Dandelion Flower 100
Glukoko Petal 100
Greedovore Flower 400
Rose Petal 100
Wild Sunflower Petal 100

Acorn 100
Cashew Nut 100
Hazel 100
Pecan Nut 100
Poppy Seed 100
Scurvion Seed 100
Wild Sunflower Seed 100

Kokonut 100
Lemon 100
Palm Fruits 100
Small Pumpkin
Strawberry 300
Traumatized Kokonut

Arachnee Leg 100
Arachnee Magic leg
Araknawa Leg 100
Archer Voodoo Doll
Army of Ticks
Bandage 100
Bear's Paw
Bewitched Wicker
Biblop Blubber 100
Big Cannonball 100
Black Dreggon Egg 130
Black Dreggon Shell 100
Black Paint
Black Tiwabbit Headband 100
Blop pollen 100
Blue Scara Shell
Blue Scaraleaf Antennas 100
Blue Scaraleaf Wings
Bluish Jelly 100
Boar snout 100
Boowolf Claw 200
Boowolf Eye
Boowolf Magic Testicles
Boowolf Scalp
Boowolf Testicles
Brandon's Heart 100
Bright Bag of Spuds
Broken Spear
Broken Trident
Bronzed Dreggon Shell 100
Bwork Archer Arrow Head 100
Bwork Archer Scalp
Bwork Boots
Bwork Epaulette 100
Bwork Helmet
Bworker's Token 100
Candle of the Dark Miner
Captain pirate's cute Underwear 100
Crab Eye
Crab Pincer 100
Crab Tongue
Crossbow Bolt
Crow Eye
Crow Foot 100
Dark Bag of Spuds
Dark Miner Magic Candle
Dark Vlad's Epaulette 100
Dark Wicker
Dead Blop
Dead Crow 800
Dead Eye
Dead Glukoko
Dead Kolerat
Dead Major Arachnee
Deceptive Rhum
Demonic Rose Saliva
Dragon Pig Blood
Dragon Pig Snout 700
Dragoturkey Milk 800
Dragoturkey Peak 100
Dragoturkey Wing 200
Empty Crab Shell
Empty Shell (blue, green, red, yellow) 200
Evil Tofu Wing 100
Explosive capsule 100
Eye 120
Female Lousy Pig Shoe 100
Flax String 100
Forked Tongue
Glu 400 (100 on Greedovore)
Gobball Blood
Gobball Brain
Gobball Eye
Gobball Hoof
Gobball Saliva 100
Gobball Stomach
Gobball Warchief Brain
Gobball warchief Hoof
Gobball Warchief Stomach
Gobball Warchief Tongue 100
Gobby's Eye 800
Golden Dreggon Egg 130
Greedo Rhum
Greedovore Pot
Greedovore Stomach
Green Mouse 100
Green Scara Shell
Green Scaraleaf Antennas 100
Green Scaraleaf Wings
Jav Voodoo Doll
Jelly Blubber 100
Kanigrou Ear 160
Kanigrou Eye
Kanigrou Tin
Kokostraw 100
Kolerat Ears 100
Kolerat Eye 200
Kolerat Nose 100
Kolerat Whiskers 200
Kwak Beak (any)
Kwak Claws
Le Chouque's Beard
Le Chouque's Curl
Lemon jelly 100 on Royal lemon jelly
Lord Crow's Heart
Lord Crow's Scythe
Lousy Pig Ear 120 (200 on Lousy Pig Shepherd)
Lousy Pig Hairdo
Lousy Pig Snout 100 (150 on Lousy Pig Shepherd)
Luidegit Mushroom
Magic Mutilated Makroute
Magic Slice of Trunknid
Magus Bwork Scalp
Magus Bwork Spellbook
Major Arachnee Eggs
Major Arachnee Leg 100
Miliboowolf Eye
Miliboowolf Scalp
Minotoror Hoof
Mint Jelly 100
Moowolf Eye
Moowolf Magic Testicles
Moowolf Scalp
Moowolf Testicles
Moskito Brow 100
Moskito wings 100
Mushd Hand 200
Mushd Heart of Mud
Mushd Mud 100
Mush Mush Spine 100
Mush Mush Sporm
Mushroom 100
Mutilated Bear
Oni Blood 150
Ouginak Eye 400
Ouginak Chop 300
Ouginak Collar
Ouginak Heart
Piece of Blop (any) 100
Piece of Crackpot Treasure 400
Piglet Ears 300
Pig's milk
Plain Boar Hoof 120
Plain Boar Snout
Plain Boar Stomach
Plissken Venom
Prespic Mane
Prespic Paw
Prespic Peak 100
Prespic Stomach
Quality Rhum
Red Scara Shell
Red Scaraleaf Antennas 100
Red Scaraleaf Wings
Reptilian Shield
Reptilian Sword Fragment
Resistant String
Rotten Egg
Royal Jelly (any) 100
Royal Tofu Crown
Sapphire Dreggon Egg 130
Sapphire Dreggon Shell 100
Sarbak Voodoo Doll
Scaraleaf Intestine
Scrawny Bwak
Scurvion Blood 500
Scurvion Entrails
Scurvion Leg
Scurvion Pincer 200
Scurvion Shell 800
Silk String
Silkworm Cocoon
Slice of Kokonot
Slice of Trunknid
Small Golden Pearl 100
Straw 800
Strawberry Jelly 100
Sword Pommel
Tanukou San Testicles
Thierry Voodoo Doll
Tiwabbit Ears
Tofu Beak 100
Tofu Egg 100
Treechnid Sap
Trool Bracelet of Strength
Trool Brief
Trool Epaulette
Trool's Mane of Hair 100
Tuft of White Hair
vampire Blood 100
Wabbit grandpa Ears 100
Wabbit's Paw 300
Water 100
White Dreggon Egg 130 (200 on White Dreggon)
White Dreggon Shell 100
White Scara Shell
White Scaraleaf Antennas 100
White Scaraleaf Wings
Whitish Lupis Paw 300
Whitish lupis Tongue
Wild Dragoturkey Peak 100
Wild Dragoturkey Wing 200
Wolf Ears
Wo wabbit Stomach

Ellyos Feca 15x - Leader of SeKs

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Number of posts : 374
Registration date : 2006-05-15

PostSubject: Re: Prospecting Lock - Ressources   Thu 22 Jun - 18:40

List updated with official pp lock of community site.

Ellyos Feca 15x - Leader of SeKs
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Prospecting Lock - Ressources
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