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PostSubject: Nalanie   Mon 7 Aug - 11:45

Ah I love my sweet little Nalanie...for those who don't know she is the legendary most powerful lvl 76 fairy ever Razz But anyway so far I've built her as a full support fairy but soon will be constructing a assualt set for her to pwn along side me. Heres her current build

Revit Word lvl 5: Area Healing Spell can be unreliable sometimes but can heal from a wide range. This is the 2nd spell that should be maxed on ur eni.

Regen Word lvl 5: Regen word is another spell that can be useful. At lvl 5 u can cast this spells on others, which can be rather affective as the battle drags on. The only downside is only 1 cast per turn. You can max or leave it at lvl 1 depending on ur choice.

Sac Word lvl 5: Sac word has decent range and though deals damage to caster it heals a massive amount of hp to the target, unlike revit word its not area heal, but it also doesnt cancel your turn like a revit does on critical fail another must max spell

Healing Word lvl 5: Healing word has good range but only can heal one target. But unlike revit that has a large base heal range, and sac that saps 5 ap healing word needs only 3 ap at lvl 5 and with the right equip can heal over 100 per cast, so its very reliable

Stim Word lvl 5: Duh. Free ap need I say more Razz

Prevent Word lvl 5: Another great life saving spell...sometimes. This spell can reduce damages by over 100 at lvl 5 making you difficult to harm. Another great spell that can keep someone alive long enough for u to heal them.

Frighting Word lvl 3: A good spell that can push ppl. Why only lvl 3 is because at lvl 3 u can push from range of 2 which is enough and it only needs 2 ap so its very efficent. It's a great spell but not great enough to max.

Wand Skill lvl 5: Well another duh if ur using wands then max this. Personally I may get daggers for nalanie as well.

Nalanie has 2 spell points that I havent used. I can't decide to use my points or curative word or to put points something like vampiric word or wiping word.
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