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 New idea about ranking system

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PostSubject: New idea about ranking system   Sat 5 Aug - 17:35

I have a new idea about ranking and xp given to the guild.
Let me explain you what my idea is... Give your advice, or any improvment.

Firstly, Rank won't be a status given by the level, or by the seniority of member. It will be a status to explain the role you act in the guild. That's why member will have rights to change their rank by themselves.

Secondly, XP given to the guild and rights will be linked. the more xp you give (the total, not the rate), the more right you get.

1. The Ranks.

These ranks can be chosen by members when they get the right : Manage your rank.
Defender : They are members by default. They can do anything but they are not specialized in a task.
Servant : They are the members who want XP the guild. They will give 10%XP to the guild minimum.
Keeper : They are members who decide to attack and defend perceptors. They are in first line to defend our perceptors, they have the priority (with Leader and Officer) to defend them... After come Defender, then other ranks.
Manufacturer : They are members who are power leveling their jobs, or who are in craft mood. They don't want to fight when they choose this rank.
Treasurer : (a.k.a Treasure hunter) They are members who want to make a party to hunt ressources or XP.

There is 3 special ranks which can't be chosen by member :
Leader : All rights. He(she) can do anything.
Officer : They have all rights but boost perceptor. They are chosen by the Leader and other Officers only. They can do anything.
On Approval : The new member are automatically on approval. They have no rights. They give 10% of their XP to the guild. They have 1 week to give 2.000 XP to the guild, after this period, they'll be kicked from it.

2. The Rights and the XP (given to the guild) needed to get them.
Members get new rights when they reach some amounts of XP given to the guild.

0 xp : No rights. They are new members. Their rank is "On Approval". 10% XP given to the guild.
2.000 xp : Rank is Defender. Get Right : Manage your XP (and only yours).
10.000 xp : Get the Right : Manage your Rank (and only yours). Member can't choose the following ranks: Leader, Officer, On Approval. Learn code to enter in Guild house (when we'll have a guild house).
20.000 xp : Get the Right : Place/Recolt a Collector.
30.000 xp : Get the Right : Invite new members .
50.000 xp : Learn the Code of the 1st Guild Chest (when we'll have a guild house with a guild chest).
75.000 xp : Learn the Code of the 2nd Guild Chest (when we'll have a guild house with 2 guild chests).
100.000 xp : Learn the Code of the 3rd Guild Chest (when we'll have a guild house with 3 guild chests).
125.000 xp : Learn the Code of the 4th Guild Chest (when we'll have a guild house with 4 guild chests).
150.000 xp : Learn the Code of the 5th Guild Chest (when we'll have a guild house with 5 guild chests).
200.000 xp : Becomes Officer (Get the rights : Bannish members and Manage Rights). (Members can reach this rank sooner, if Leader and other Officer decide it).

If some members don't respect rules (they manage xp, ranks of other members) they win a warning. At 3 warning, they will be banished from the guild.

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PostSubject: Re: New idea about ranking system   Tue 8 Aug - 15:11

good for me Very Happy

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New idea about ranking system
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